Lucky Store

Lucky Store, the Surinamese department store, over 55 years old, is located in the heart of Downtown Paramaribo. It’s a family owned business that has been at the Jodenbreestraat since 1967. After the renovations we welcome our customers since December 2016 in a modern retail space of 3500m2.

Address: Jodenbreestraat 38 - 40
Telephone:  (+597) 475087


Lucky Store Oso Sani

The name Lucky Store Oso Sani means Lucky Store Home Goods or Lucky Store Home Center, is established at the Henck Arronstreet in Paramaribo. In this store we are specialized in white goods, airconditioners, electronica, floor mats, waterpumps (Jetpumps), watertanks, waterheaters, linnens and beds.Address: Henck Arronstraat 42 - 44

Telephone: (+597) 476032


Dojo Couture

On the corner of Dominee- and Jodenbreestreet, you will find the beautiful and historical building that is the home of Dojo Couture. This store specializes in modern clothing and fashion for men, woman and kids. Beside our own label Dojo Limited, ware are also proud to be the euthanized Levi’s retailer in Surinam.

Dojo Couture Downtown
Address: Domineestraat 21
Telephone: (+597) 473 579

Dojo Couture Nord
Address: Diamantstraat 3 /
Ma Retraite Mall unit 55
Telephone: (+597) 458958 


Brands Only

Brands Only by Dojo Couture is the youngest store of the group.  This store was opened in 2010 in the TBL Shopping Arcade, at the Hermitage Mall Surinam. Because of the luxurious image and the modern interior we can proudly represent world class brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and Dockers.

Address: Lalla Rookhweg / TBL Shopping Arcade
Telephone: (+597) 495087